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Stefany Hohnjec

Stefany Hohnjec
Stefany Hohnjec was born on August 7, 1986 in Kopar, Slovenia. Already in the age of six she began to train rhythmic gymnastics. She won numerous medals from international tournaments in Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Israel, Portugal etc. For four years in a row (1999 – 2002) Stefany was proclaimed the best sportswoman of Town Poreč (Croatia). At 2000 she was the most perspective sportswoman of Istrian County (Croatia).

Competitions Stefany participated in:
  • 2001 the youngest competitor on World Championship, Madrid
  • 2002 European Championship, Granada (Spain)
  • 2002 International Tournaments, Greece and Portugal
  • 2000, 2001 won the Croatian Cup
  • 2003 World Championship, Budapest
Stefany Hohnjec
When the First Lady of World Rhythmic Gymnastics invited her, she moved to Moscow and trained for some time at the Olympic Center.

At 2004 Stefany was proclaimed Miss Sport of Croatia and entered a world of television and modeling. After 12 years of rough training and many injuries, she ended her sports career as a Croatian Champion in rhythmic gymnastics.
As Steph has always been adventurous spirit, she traveled through 30 countries around the world. As a result of one traveling experience, she recorded a documentary film “The Secrets of Voodoo”.

When she’s not traveling, Stefany is working at television and studying business economy.


If you had a chance to choose again, what would be your interest in your childhood instead of sports?

I would definitely choose sports again. I simply feel that it was meant to be that way and I’m sure that my life would be meaningless without that period.

How was life in Moscow? Could you live there permanently?

Life in Moscow was hard and tiring. I came very young to the Olympic Center, without the knowledge of language or people, except the first time when my trainer accompanied me. In time I adjusted somehow but it was really difficult to endure that tempo, that couldn’t be compared to normal life. It was all about training, training and training, sometimes even 8-9 hours daily. It was really painful for me since I was often injured but as a real fighter, I stood up everything. And I believe that because of all those things, I couldn’t possibly imagine my life there.

Which is your favorite destination from your traveling experience?

I traveled a lot due to sport activities and now adventures with Dvina. My favorite destination, I have to say, is the one from my last journey – Papua New Guinea Jungle. That’s really something special and it’s hard to describe in words.

What was your worst traveling experience?

The worst experience I had was on Haiti during one Voodoo ceremony when a man died in front of our eyes while they were trying to chase zombie out of him.

How do you pack for destinations like Africa?

Packing for adventures, like this one to Africa, takes a while. Big preparations are necessary; there are lots of things that need to be taken care of before the journey begins, like vaccination, car preparation and excellent route plan, basic and most important things...

Are you afraid of snakes? What about spiders?

Yes, I am afraid of snakes, but not to that point that I can’t handle it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be traveling to certain destinations like I do. The same thing is with spiders. As long as I don’t see them, it’s cool.

Do you feel homesick when you’re away?

Since I have been traveling since I was six years old and usually I’m out of Croatia, I’m used to not seeing my family for a long time as they are used to that I’m always somewhere. Of course I miss them, but I can easily adjust anywhere.

What was the worst thing you ever ate?

The worst thing I ever ate was a cockroach.

What inspires you?

I find inspiring adventure and world exploration as well as self-exploration. Also, faith and will for life and positive way of thinking.

Would you move to the other side of the globe for love?

Love is very important to me and I would definitely go to the other side of the world for it if needed.

Which do you prefer – day or night?

I love day and night; it all depends about the concrete situation. During day time a lot of things happen and you experience real life. But I also like night because I’m a big sleeper and occasionally the night life.

Which do you like better - summer or winter?

Once again, it’s hard to make up my mind; I love winter because of the winter mood, the holidays, snow and skiing but I also love summer because of the sea, evening walks, dresses, ice-cream and cocktails...

Making love or sex?

Making love, definitely, because I’m very emotional and tender.

Quiet night at home or party in the club?

As years go by, I prefer peaceful night spent at home more and more. But sometimes I enjoy a night out, especially if I’m on the journey somewhere, at some new destination.

Do you easily fall in love?

It’s very hard for me to fall in love, but when I do, I can not easily separate from that person.

Does your taste in men change along with your traveling experience?

My taste in men has nothing to do with my journeys. Maybe I don’t feel it because I’ve been traveling all my life, but I have to admit that I was surprised at these journeys how many good looking men there are, much different from those in Croatia.

Which adventure/destination is still on your wishing list?

There are a lot of places I would still like to go to. The truth is I would like to travel all my life, it is my lifestyle.

Steph's stuff

Steph' stuff

High heels

Secret weapon of every woman - as true lioness, Stefany likes to be high up in the sky.
Steph' stuff

Teddy bear

Her boyfriend is sometimes jealous of him, but the teddy isn't going anywhere. He is her faithful companion from the childhood.

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Steph quote: Knowing thyself is where wisdom begins.
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